Once upon a time…in real life 

Funny and true

A Girl In Europe

  • The bit where Carrie goes for cocktails in Sex and the City would be 2 for £8 pitchers at her local wetherspoons.
  • Whenever Hugh Grant was being charmingly English, people wouldn’t actually be ale to understand him and the local veg man would shout ‘eh what you talking about mate??’.
  • The Prince Charming never arrives on a steed or even in a limousine always on the Bus.
  • The weird tablet written in ancient unused script would remain unread because you only actually have to learn 2 modern foreign languages at school.
  • Nobody would be able to actually understand what Chewbacca says and he would have been dropped from the group for logistical reasons. Plus everyone would be getting annoyed with his hair.
  • Peoples cars would never be thaaaat shiny, somebody would have written ‘clean me’ and then drawn a phallic symbol on the back of the really dusty ones.
  • People…

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About Gigi

I'm a 50+ woman/mom/gramma on a journey of self discovery. I'm an avid reader, aspiring author, crafter extraordinaire, and lover of learning new things. Right now, I'm focused on learning to live a more fulfilling life, so I can spend the second half of my journey on this big blue rock pursuing things that make me happy.

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