About Casa del Wacko

If you’ve read some of my posts, I’m sure you’re wondering “why didn’t this lady just post this stuff on Facebook? Isn’t that what the almighty FB is for?” My answer is very simple – no. Maybe it is for some folks, but for me, it’s not.

For me, Facebook is for keeping in touch with people you know. It’s for sharing pics or news with distant family and friends. It’s for sharing inside jokes with co-workers and colleagues. It’s for letting your customers know what’s happening, where’s the party at, and who’s going to be where.

What it is not for is ranting about your views, whining about your life, or bitching about your struggles. It’s also a really crappy place to reach out to new people, stretch your mind, and spark your imagination. Why? Because timelines have become so cluttered with crap that anything worth reading scrolls off long before you get a chance to see it (unless you wanna spend frustrating hours scrolling, and who the hell wants to do that geez).

So…. since what I need in my life is fresh perspectives, positive feedback, and a place to speak freely, I have come to the blogosphere to find some sanity. Life can be exhausting, yanno?  Between work, money, stress, and drama in general, it can suck the life right outta a gal.

Ergo, my sanity blog – Casa del Wacko.

“What is a sanity blog?”, you ask. Simply put, it’s a place for me to think out loud about my life, my ambitions, my successes, my failures, and maybe get some feedback from the world at large. It is a tool for connecting with ideas and people beyond my little bubble, in the hopes of expanding my horizons and stretching some creative muscles. It’s a nonspecific, free flow narrative of my journey on this big blue rock.

I warn you, my narrative may bore you. But it may also make you laugh, or cry, and maybe make you think. If nothing else, I hope it entertains you as much as it does me, because, believe me, life in Casa del Wacko can be downright crazy at times, and I could use a little sanity to balance things out.

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