Matty Smith’s Photographs Display Vibrant Life Lurking Just Below Sea Level | Colossal

Absolutely stunning

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Creativity, Squirrels, and UFOs


Nothing sucks quite as much as being creatively stifled by your own deficiencies. I’m talking about your brain being full of ideas that don’t seem to come to fruition. It’s maddening when your dreams are full of concepts, storylines, and art, that rarely become reality. The worst aspect of it is knowing that it’s your own fault this happens. Read the rest of this entry

Evocative Photos Highlight New Zealand’s Largest Street Gang

Evocative Photos Highlight New Zealand’s Largest Street Gang

I think these photos are beautiful and full of humanity.

~ Gigi ~

Once upon a time…in real life 

Funny and true

A Girl In Europe

  • The bit where Carrie goes for cocktails in Sex and the City would be 2 for £8 pitchers at her local wetherspoons.
  • Whenever Hugh Grant was being charmingly English, people wouldn’t actually be ale to understand him and the local veg man would shout ‘eh what you talking about mate??’.
  • The Prince Charming never arrives on a steed or even in a limousine always on the Bus.
  • The weird tablet written in ancient unused script would remain unread because you only actually have to learn 2 modern foreign languages at school.
  • Nobody would be able to actually understand what Chewbacca says and he would have been dropped from the group for logistical reasons. Plus everyone would be getting annoyed with his hair.
  • Peoples cars would never be thaaaat shiny, somebody would have written ‘clean me’ and then drawn a phallic symbol on the back of the really dusty ones.
  • People…

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Silliness to Brighten Your Day

In my aimless net wandering, I often come across really silly stuff that makes me laugh. Here’s little something to make you chuckle as you start your day. Just click the title to read the actual story. Enjoy! 🙂


You Mean Peeps Are Real?!?

I’ll Take a Double Shot of Buttermilk Please

New Definition of Scapegoat?

Parroting On a Whole New Level


There was no option to leave a comment on this beautiful post, so I am reblogging it, with the comment “Brava! The truth you tell here is beautiful.”

Sarah Ditum


I learned to make lace when I was small, solemnly winding my bobbins with white thread then working over the pillow with deepest concentration – twisting and crossing the splints of wood, carefully weighted with scavenged beads, never learning so well that my hands could work without stumbling, but working all the same. I made my first few pieces, slack-tensioned and a little sloppy. My older female relatives and family friends inspected them indulgently but unimpressed. They were Bedfordshire women who had learned the needle arts at school, women who had been educated for domesticity, women who could not believe that I would leave school at 16 unable to knit, sew or make pastry. “I could make this,” my grandma would say, plucking the unhappy hems of my Topshop jumpers. “Didn’t they teach you anything?”

Their lives didn’t stop at what their education had fitted them for, though, because this…

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Hair and boobs

Loved this post and it’s genuineness. I think many of feel the same.

Zsofi Writes

On the morning of my 39th birthday, I was grateful for two things: my hair and my boobs.

There were other things too, of course – the way Sam buried his little face in my hair at 5:30 in the morning. The way he and Drew planned how to surprise me with breakfast and cake and presents.

But my hair and boobs were on my mind the most because in the week leading up to my birthday, one friend had to shave her head and another friend found out she might be losing her breasts.

I sort of hate to feel gratitude like this—it seems like such a selfish feeling. Like by being grateful I am saying that I am grateful that YOU have this horrible disease and not me. I am grateful that I have my hair, but too bad about yours. That’s clearly not what I want to…

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Curing Mental Diarrhea On My FB Newsfeed


Way back yonder, when I first joined Facebook, it was after having already experienced the anonymous stupidity of MySpace, the ridiculous adult fantasy world of AoL, and the limitations of CompuServe and Prodigy. (Yes, I know I’m dating myself here, but I did warn you I was no spring chicken LOL.)

Anyway, I joined FB with the specific intent of escaping those environments for one designed specifically for connecting with people who I’d lost track of, and for staying connected to friends and family who were no longer within hugging distance. Over time, however, it became the place I played all sorts of highly additive games, marketed various creations and projects, and wasted countless hours posting/sharing nonsense. It became my default place to find/do/engage with anyone and anything.

Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed it then, still do, and don’t plan on abandoning its blue and white halls any time soon. But, it is indeed one of the issues that lead up to my most recent social media dilemma – my now completely useless Newsfeed. Read the rest of this entry

Damn funny and sure to tickle your funny bone. He didn’t miss anything, and if he did, let him know LOL.

Nuts to you!

Holy Hannah I laughed out loud for real and spit tea on my tablet screen. Damn that was funny.

Therapeutic Misadventures

The nightly ritual of shutting down the house is well ingrained. I moved through the rooms, checking doors and windows, shutting off lights and set up the coffee machine. My last stop before bed was the bathroom. My bath is a huge, skylighted, claw-footed-tub sanctuary. It is filled with my most intimate photos from childhood and beyond. The light blazed on and sitting on my shower curtain rod was a gray squirrel. I screamed. It screamed. It leapt to the floor. I slammed the door. There was no way I was prepared to deal with a live animal in my bathroom at that hour. I crawled into bed and hoped for the best. The door was closed, the light off and hopefully it would have somehow managed to find a way out by morning.

Strange dreams populated the night, an eery kaleidoscope of visions that all involved wildlife and sharp…

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