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The lady slings the booze

So, I may as well begin this adventure with a little peek into my world.

I’m a bartender. I chose to go back to the service industry after being downsized out of a nice corporate job working for a good company several years ago. The economy at the time where I lived sucked ass, and there was very little chance I would find an equivalent job any time soon, so I made a call to a former classmate, and dove back into serving beer  and burgers. I had always enjoyed this work in the past, so figured why not go back to it until things improved.

That was seven years ago.

I won’t lie and say this work is easy, because it isn’t. It’s physically demanding, mentally exhausting, and comes with its fair share of bullshit drama. The hours are long and weird, and dealing with drunks can seriously sour your view of humanity in general. And the money is as fickle as a crack whore. But….

e332668f5bd902a8b1df1bf3f2307805It’s also a truly fun job. I meet some of the nicest people, have some of the funniest times, and have made some of my best friends in this job. You’re being paid to be the hostess of a party, where all anyone wants to do is have a good time. Even when it’s a “doctor is in” day, where I spend two hours on a dead shift listening to someone tell me their woes, it’s still a great day because I feel like my listening helped.

All that being said, it is challenging to be my age and do this work. Most of my colleagues are half my age, and can work 90 hour weeks without blinking. I can do the 90 hour week when we are short handed, but I’m wiped out for eons after because I don’t have the instant rebound from physical depletion that I once had.

Damn near all my customers look like babies to me and I fight the urge to ground them all and send them home for being out past curfew. And don’t get me started on twerking, hooker clothes, and creepy old men – I’ve seen enough of all three to last a dozen lifetimes. But I also feel like some of these young people have become almost family, and their energy and silliness brightens my day regularly.

All in all, it’s a great job and I love it, but I’m feeling very stifled by the fishbowl environment of the bar life. IMG_727518195653399I feel like I don’t have time for hobbies and things that I used to enjoy, like spending a day at the park or the library – all things you do during the early part of the day, when I’m usually sleeping (I work nights). I’m also worried about building a nest egg for my own retirement, whenever that is, and I’m tired of the constant change in my life that’s being brought on by fickle roommates creating the need to move yet again.

I feel like my life is in a constant state of flux and it’s making me a little nuts.

So… here I sit debating what I want to do and tossing my worries out into the ether, hoping a little release will help lead me to answers.

Until next time, folks.

Gigi – keeping it real at the Casa del Wacko