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The Kimchi Incident.

Very funny story that’s sure to elicit a giggle or two. Enjoy 🙂


” He and his girlfriend had made a trip to the local Asian market and they purchased some authentic kimchi.  To say he was proud of it is an understatement.  The first thing we saw when we arrived was basically a shrine highlighting his find. “


We were in our twenties and our pallets were moving beyond Hot Pockets.  The gang would get together every few weeks and have a food fest.  We’d strap on the feed bag until we were basically immobile.  One of my friends in particular has always been a great chef. His name is Craig.  Well, he says his name is “Craig”, I suppose it could be George.  How does a person truly know?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, George…I mean Craig, was hosting a Vietnamese fondue party.  It was about the third time he had gone with this theme and he was tuning the ethnicity factor to try and be as accurate as he could.   He and his girlfriend had made a trip to the local Asian market and they purchased some authentic kimchi.  To say he was proud of it is an understatement.  The first thing we saw when we arrived was…

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american idiot

Very funny blog post. Well written and entertaining.

A snippet from this post :

“This is just one of the several challenges I encounter as an American walking down the street in London. Half the time I can’t find the street sign at all–why is it plastered up on the building? In America, we paint our street signs green and stick them in middle of the sidewalk so we can watch people who are texting-while-walking walk face-first into a street sign!”

the anti-lifestyle blog

“D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?”

“Um, I’m sorry, what?”

“D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?”

“I’m–um–sorry, one more time?”

“D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?”

“I… no. No, thanks.”

I am in London, in a cafe on Charlotte Street, where I learn in short order that drip coffee is an American thing, and there is something else that I could have on my avocado toast, but I don’t know what it is and I’m not going to say yes on the off-chance it’s Marmite. That seems like the kind of stunt they might pull in a country where coffee is served in cups that look like doll furniture. Nobody’s awake enough to know better.

It’s the first time I’ve left America in nearly a decade. I live in a world where this is rare: as an employee of a multinational corporation, and also a white person who went to liberal arts college, my unmarked passport is a curiosity…

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Silliness to Brighten Your Day

In my aimless net wandering, I often come across really silly stuff that makes me laugh. Here’s little something to make you chuckle as you start your day. Just click the title to read the actual story. Enjoy! 🙂


You Mean Peeps Are Real?!?

I’ll Take a Double Shot of Buttermilk Please

New Definition of Scapegoat?

Parroting On a Whole New Level

Damn funny and sure to tickle your funny bone. He didn’t miss anything, and if he did, let him know LOL.

Weird ways couples mess with each other

Very funny video, worth the watch. Nothing dirty in it either LOL.

Interesting additions to modern vocabulary

Some very interesting additions to modern vocabulary that I thought were worth sharing. Found them on the web and they cracked me up. Enjoy 🙂

~ Gigi ~

A truly entertaining post from the Peaches & Coconuts blog.

An excerpt from “Slight of Hand

But if you look, really look, you’ll see that he does have a right hand, after all. It just so happens that his hand is just out of view because since he turned 11, his hand is always and forever down his pants.

Before you continue to make misguided assumptions, he is not actually doinganything down there. Apparently, his pockets are insufficient, and he requires a bigger space for his tween-aged hands. That’s what I’ve told myself, anyway.